All Cookie Clicker Achievements Revealed

Cookie clicker game is one of the most addictive and fresh game of its time. In the game, people come across different cookie clicker achievements. Achievements are actually cookie clicker upgrades or badges that a player earns after the completion of a certain goal. Each achievements cookie clicker can gradually increase with the increase in the amount of milk. These achievements were introduced in version 1.026. In the version of 1.0465, there are 157 normal cookie clicker achievements and 10 cookie clicker shadow achievements. Normal achievements increase milk percentage by 4% each, so the maximum is 628% milk. However there is no effect of shadow achievements cookie clicker on the milk.

all cookie clicker achievements

Normal Cookie Clicker Achievements


Achievements Based Upon Number OF Cookies Backed

Serial NoName Of Achievement When It Comes
1Wake and bake Bake 1 cookie
2Making some dough Bake 1,000 cookies
3So baked right nowBake 100,000 cookies
4Fledgling bakery Bake 1 million cookies
5Affluent bakery Bake 100 million cookies
6World-famous bakery Bake 1 billion cookies
7Cosmic bakery Bake 100 billion cookies
8Galactic bakery Bake 1 trillion cookies
9Universal bakery Bake 100 trillion cookies
10Timeless bakery Bake 1 quadrillion cookies
11Infinite bakery Bake 100 quadrillion cookies
12Immortal bakery Bake 1 quintillion cookies
13Don't stop me now Bake 100 quintillion cookies
14You can stop now Bake 1 sextillion cookies
15 Cookies all the way down Bake 100 sextillion cookies.
16Overdose Bake 1 septillion cookies
17How? Bake 100 septillion cookies
18The land of milk and cookies Bake 1 octillion cookies
19He who controls the cookies controls the universe Bake 100 octillion cookies.

"The milk must flow!"
20Tonight on hoarders Bake 1 nonillion cookies
21Are you gonna eat all that? Bake 100 nonillion cookies
22We're gonna need a bigger bakery Bake 1 decillion cookies
23In the mouth of madness Bake 100 decillion cookies.

"A cookie is just what we tell each other it is."
24Brought to you by the letter Money Bake 1 undecillion cookies.
25Casual bakingBake 1 cookie per second
26Hardcore bakingBake 10 cookies per second
27Steady tasty stream Bake 100 cookies per second
28Cookie monsterBake 1,000 cookies per second
29Mass producerBake 10,000 cookies per second
30Cookie vortex Bake 100,000 cookies per second
31Cookie quasarBake 10 million cookies per second
32Cookie pulsarBake 1 million cookies per second
33Oh hey, you're still hereBake 100 million cookies per second
34Let's never bake againBake 1 billion cookies per second
35A world filled with cookiesBake 10 billion cookies per second
36When this baby hits 360 trillion per hourBake 100 billion cookies per second
37Fast and Delicious Bake 1 trillion cookies per second
38Woops, you solved world hunger Bake 100 trillion cookies per second
39Cookiehertz: a really, really tasty hertzBake 10 trillion cookies per second.

"Tastier than a hertz donut, anyway."
40TurbopunsBake 1 quadrillion cookies per second.

"Mother Nature will be like "slowwwww dowwwwwn"."
41Faster MennerBake 10 quadrillion cookies per second
42And yet you're still hungryBake 100 quadrillion cookies per second
43The AbakeningBake 1 quintillion cookies per second

Note: The player should know that from 25 to 43 are the achievements do not include Golden Cookie effects, Golden Switch boost or Wrinkler withering.

Easy Cookie Clicker Achievements Based Upon Click Counts

Serial Name Of The Achievement When It Comes
1Clicktastic Make 1,000 cookies from clicking
2Clickathlon Make 100,000 cookies from clicking.
3Clickolympics Make 10 million cookies from clicking
4Clickorama Make 1 billion cookies from clicking
5Clickasmic Make 100 billion cookies from clicking
6Clickageddon Make 10 trillion cookies from clicking
7Clicknarok Make 1 quadrillion cookies from clicking
8Clickastrophe Make 100 quadrillion cookies from clicking
9Clickataclysm Make 10 quintillion cookies from clicking

Cookie Clicker All Achievements On Basis of Buildings Count

SerialAchievement NameWhen It Comes
1Click Have 1 cursor
2Double-click Have 2 cursors
3Mouse wheel Have 50 cursors
4Of Mice and Men Have 100 cursors
5The Digital Have 200 cursors
6Extreme polydactyly Have 300 cursors
7Dr. T Have 400 cursors
8Thumbs, phalanges, metacarpals Have 500 cursors
9Click delegatorMake 10 quintillion cookies just from cursors
10Finger clickin' goodMake 10 sextillion cookies just from cursors
11Just wrong Sell a grandma
12Grandma's cookies Have 1 grandma
13Sloppy kissesHave 50 grandmas
14Retirement homeHave 100 grandmas
15Friend of the ancients Have 150 grandmas
16Ruler of the ancients Have 200 grandmas
17The old never bothered me anyway Have 250 grandmas
18The agemaster Have 300 grandmas
19To oldly go Have 350 grandmas
20Gushing grannies Make 10 quintillion cookies just from grandmas
21Panic at the bingoMake 10 sextillion cookies just from grandmas.
22Elder Own at least 7 grandma types
23My first farm Have 1 farm
24Reap what you sow Have 50 farms
25Farm ill Have 100 farms
26Perfected agriculture Have 150 farms
27Homegrown Have 200 farms
28Gardener extraordinaire Have 250 farms
29Seedy business Have 300 farms
30I hate manureMake 10 trillion cookies just from farms
31Rake in the doughMake 10 quadrillion cookies just from farms
32You know the drillHave 1 mine
33Excavation site Have 50 mines
34Hollow the planet Have 100 mines
35Can you dig it Have 150 mines
36Center of the Earth Have 200 mines
37Tectonic ambassador Have 250 mines
38Freak fracking Have 300 mines
39Never dig down Make 100 trillion cookies just from mines
40Quarry on Make 100 quadrillion cookies just from mines
41Production chain Have 1 factory
42Industrial revolution Have 50 factories
43Global warming Have 100 factories
44Ultimate automation Have 150 factories
45Technocracy Have 200 factories
46Rise of the machines Have 250 factories
47Modern times Have 300 factories
48The incredible machine Make 1 quadrillion cookies just from factories
49Yes I love technology Make 1 quintillion cookies just from factories

Note: In achievement 9,10,20,21,30,31,39,40,48,49 if a building has baked more than 1 sextillion cookies, the counter that is tracking the amount of cookies baked by a building resets after loading a saved game. This is happening because of some kind of bug in the game. However, you don’t have to worry because a fix is available and it has been applied in the v.2.002 beta


Cookie Clicker Golden Cookies

SerialName Of Achievement When It comes
1Golden cookie Click a golden cookie
2Lucky cookie Click 7 golden cookies
3A stroke of luck Click 27 golden cookies
4Fortune Click 77 golden cookies.
5Leprechaun Click 777 golden cookies
6Black cat's paw Click 7777 golden cookies
7Early Bird Click a Golden Cookie less than 1 second after it spawns
8Fading Luck Click a Golden Cookie less than 1 second before it dies

Cookie Clicker Grandmapocalypse

SerialAchievement NameWhen It Comes
1Elder nap Appease the grandmatriarchs at least once
2Elder slumber Appease the grandmatriarchs at least 5 times
3Elder calm Declare a covenant with the grandmatriarchs
4Itchscratcher Burst 1 wrinkler
5Wrinklesquisher Burst 50 wrinklers
6Moistburster Burst 200 wrinklers

Note: For 5 and 6 achievement are quite different from the Golden Cookie achievements, the Wrinkler and Reindeer achievements because in these achievements Ascending will reset the counter.

Cookie Clicker Ascension

Cookie Clicker Shadow Achievements

Shadow Achievement cookie clicker do not effect any production of milk nor they will show in stats unless you have achieved one from all cookie clicker shadow achievements. In total we have 10 cookie clicker shadow achievements.

SerialNameWhen It Comes
1Endless cycle Ascend 1,000 times
2Cheated cookies taste awful Hack in some cookies
3God complex Name yourself Ortei
4Third-party Use an add-on
5Speed baking I Get to 1 million cookies baked in 35 minutes
6Speed baking II Get to 1 million cookies baked in 25 minutes
7Speed baking III Get to 1 million cookies baked in 15 minutes
8True Neverclick Make 1 million cookies with no cookie clicks
9Just plain lucky You have 1 chance in 500,000 every second of earning this achievement
10Last Chance to See Burst the near-extinct shiny wrinkler.


  • For ser 2, You can get this easily without using console,  by renaming to “username” saysopensesame. i.e if you are bucky then you can use name Bucky saysopensesame.
  • For ser 3, You also get penalty in the game which you can remove by renaming your bakery to something else.
  • For ser 9, Usually the time duration to get this achievement is around 138 hours, 53 minutes and 20 seconds.

Few of these achievements can be unlocked by implementing cookies clicker cheats. Above we have tried to cover all cookies clicker achievements in tabulated form, if we have missed few please feel free to remind us.



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