How to Hack Cookie Clicker PC: Easiest Yet Crazy Hacks

Cookie clicker is an amazing game. It’s packed with fun and excitement. However. Some of the levels in this game are difficult to unlock, hence players kept falling short on cookie clicker achievements. Players spend endless hours to unlock these levels but fail. However, do not worry now because in this article we are going to present different ways by following one can learn  How to hack cookie clicker.

How To Hack Cookie Clicker PC

How To Hack Cookie Clicker PC

When we talk about cookie clicker cheats, there are basically three ways to hack cookie clicker. Lets discuss all one by one.

Cookie Clicker Hacked By Using Console

This is the easiest way to hack cookieclicker. Even a naive to coding can apply this hack. Lets discuss how to hack cookie clicker with inspect element.

First i will tell how to hack cookie clicker chrome.

  1.  Open developers tool/console of chrome by Right mouse click or pressing  CTRL+SHIFT+J or F2 and use these two codes to get some good number of cookies.
  2. Code for Fix Number Of Cookie: Game.cookies=10000 (or whatever number u want)
  3. Code to get certain number of cookies per second rate: Game.cookiesPs=10000

Now lets talk about how to hack cookie clicker mac.

  1. Open console by short key ⌘ + ALT + J and use below codes.
  2. For fix number: Game.cookies=10000000
  3. For PS rate : Game.cookiesPs=100000000 (keep G of game and P of Ps capital)

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2nd Method Using Cookie Engine Tool

(note: this method is sort of not working now days)

In tthis method, the player has to use the cookie engine tool. Just go to the cookie engine website. This is the easiest way to hack cookie clicker. This method creates a save code that you can use. Using this code, you can modify your game. On the main page you can find several options that you can use to modify your game settings. Text boxes can be used to change the values of the variables of the game. The variables that you modify are options, cookies and buildings.

Third Method , Non tested and Good Coding Skills Are Must

The second method under the title “How to Hack Cookie Clicker” is Editing Your Save Manually. This is a bit tricky thing but if you do this correctly you can hack the game in no time. First of all you have to save your game. You can use the game that you are already planning or you can start from new game, choice is all yours. After getting the save code, you have to copy it to the clipboard or a blank word document. The player needs to have basic coding knowledge to achieve this step. Now, Delete “%21END%21″ from the code. This is the step where you have to temper the save code manually. Just edit it slightly.

Now, in the next step you have to change”%3D” with an equals short, you have to replace “%3D” in your code with an equals sign (=). An easy step to detect this code in the save code is to use a word processor’s “find text” function to locate all of the instances of “%3D” instantly.  Next, unscramble the code with a base 64 decoder. This is the difficult step. The game works in a base 64 format. To hack the game the player has to change this. Easy way is to use an online base 64 decoder to change the save code into workable text. One excellent decoder is the Base64 Decode and Encode tool, which has a beginner-friendly format.

You’ll want to use the UTF-8 format for decoding your save code. You can modify the codes the way you want to. Now, Re-encode your save data. After modifying the data, you will need to convert your save code back into a format the game can detect. For this purpose, use an online base 64 encoding program. After your data has been re-encoded, you have to replace every equals sign with a “%3D” and end the string of code with “%21END%21”.

Lastly, copy and paste your “save code” on cookie clicker. Than open the game and use “Import Save” menu option to import your modified code.
For better understanding, you can watch this video

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