Breadwinners Ducktionary

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What is Breadwinners Ducktionary


Breadwinners Ducktionary is a game of finding out the true meaning of words. Choose a pre-existing word, figure out its meaning, then put it in a suitable place, there will always be instructions for you.

Words displayed on the game screen: Bubble Nuggets, Bap, Egg Blast, Duck Hugs, Yep Yep, Feather Brain, Freak the Beak Out, I Loaf You, Buh..., Feather Licker, Motto, Yeeeeeah Boyeeeee!, Oucheewawa,...

Bubble Nuggets: Used when he's sad, he can say it whenever sad
Feather Licker: It's fun, say when your fur is already ruffled
Yep Yep: This is a way of saying when you're excited, Oh, yes, Yep Yep, Yep Yep.


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